About Us

We Are Inclusive Design Experts

Inclüd started as a small group of individuals who looked at a problem and saw an opportunity.  The new regulations in the Rehabilitation Act put pressure on already financially strapped institutions to revamp their digital content, with the result that institutions were left frustrated, struggling and failing to meet accessibility standards while disabled web content users were left equally frustrated, their needs unmet.

Pooling our talents and experience, we have created a service that serves an often overlooked group while assisting schools and businesses with compliance goals, filling a much needed gap in the disability field. We know we can't serve those who need accessible material without also serving those who own that material, so we have created a smooth path transition for our clients, reducing the burden associated with online accessibility and providing a solution to their struggles.

We provide institutions with a path to accessible information, ensuring that those with exceptional needs can access content tailor made for them. 

We are inclüd.